Dannah delivers meaty biblical truth in a transparent,
conversational style that brings her audience into the presentation.

Your audience will laugh. They may cry. They will love the research-based, user-friendly information on popular topics such as biblical womanhood, modesty, purity, raising children to reflect biblical values, the power of prayer, intimacy with God, emotional and sexual healing, and parent-child communication. She has shared the platform with David Platt, Tony Evans, Kay Arthur, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, John Piper, Lysa TerKeurst, and has even delivered a TED Talk on tolerance for virginity.




“Her message is one every teen girl–
and each of their moms needs to hear!”
-Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Revive Our Hearts


“For the woman who wants to reach her potential for God– I highly recommend Dannah’s books.”
-Gary Chapman, PhD,
Author, Five Love Languages


“Dannah is easy to read and feels like a trusted friend.”
-Annie Downs, Author, Perfectly Unique


“I wish Secret Keeper Girl had been available when my daughter was moving through her tweens.”
-Dr. James Dobson, Family Talk


Bob Lepine

“Dannah has sound practical wisdom for moms.”
-Bob Lepine, FamilyLife Today


“There aren’t enough great things to say about Dannah. She is the real thing. Her love for Christ and passion… is so refreshing.”
-Diana Pendley, Preteen Minister, Prestonwood Baptist Church

“Dannah Gresh serves a powerful role for churches and families in the world today. As we work to equip leaders to reach more kids with the gospel, we are grateful to partner with Dannah as she raises the banner for living a life of purity.”
-Brian Rhodes, VP & Chief Ministry Officer, Awana

“I’ve worked with Dannah and her team for many years and am passionate about the impact of her ministry. As I raise my children, I am grateful for someone like Dannah who is helping me as a parent navigate in a challenging and rapidly changing world.”
-Matt Markins, VP of Ministry Resources, Marketing & Strategy, Awana

“I had Dannah back two years in a row!!!”
-Ruth E. Puleo, Director, Women of Purpose

“Dannah speaks truth directly to the hearts of women and girls in an engaging way and with good doses of humor. She does not beat around the bush… but speaks in humility, love, and with tact. …Okay, really? I just love her.”
-Ada Marie

“She is on FIRE for speaking biblical truths to our youth and parents.”



“I have listened to few speakers that engage college age audiences with such transparency, passion, energy, and clarity. Dannah Gresh mesmerizes listeners while confronting the most controversial issues of the day with a thoroughly biblical approach that inspires listeners to be better followers of Jesus Christ.”
-Thomas White, President, Cedarville University


“Dannah Gresh’s ministry to this generation is strategic! Both in style and content, she is a perfect fit and capable partner in the cause of purity!”
-Joe Stowell, President, Cornerstone University

“After breathing in so many confusing voices on sexuality, I have found Dannah Gresh to present truths that are clear and without compromise.”
-Wanda“…one of the best lectures I’ve heard on tolerance of sexual choices!”
-Tabitha (on Dannah’s TED Talk on tolerance for virginity)

“The Lord has truly gifted you to share the truth in a way that is non-offensive, but forces everyone listening to consider the “what ifs.” Thank you!”

“Today I made a decision to break off a sinful relationship. Thank you.”

“…both our men and women love listening to Dannah Gresh. She has a way of keeping them connected to her topic and they could listen to her all day long.”
Diana King, Dean of Students, Grove City College